Polychrome - “Embody who you are”

The Polychrome collection is a source of inspiration and support on your path to personal accomplishment. Each necklace in this collection is designed as a vial of elixir capturing the essence of a specific quality or emotion. These necklaces are powerful symbols that invite you to fully embody who you are.

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A story of pride and confidence

We take pride in what we create, and we want you to feel that pride every time you wear one of our necklaces. Thank you for trusting us and promoting French manual and artisanal work.

A choice of authenticity

By choosing one of our necklaces, you are not only wearing a piece of jewelry, but also the essence of authentic craftsmanship. It is an assurance of quality, durability, and above all, uniqueness.

Trust & Authenticity: French Artisanal Know-How

Each product that you discover on our site is the fruit of passion and unique know-how, anchored in the heart of French tradition. In our workshop, each stage of creation is thought out with care, love and precision. From the selection of our precious wood, to the delicate casting of the resin, to the impeccable finish which provides this unparalleled shine, everything is the work of passionate hands.

For you

This collection is for everyone who is looking for authenticity and ways to express their individuality. Perfect for meaningful gifts, each necklace is a stylish and personal way to show your support and understanding of your loved ones' aspirations.

"Essence of the soul" - The necklace that suits you

The result of an encounter between nature, art and spirituality, the “Essence of the Soul” collection, a series of unique artisanal necklaces combining the richness of French Walnut wood with the poetic translucency of epoxy resin.

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Elegance necklaces

Created from the noblest woods, these necklaces with a silver chain are the height of discretion and elegance.

Naturally elegant.