Who am I ?

I'm Pierre

I am a passionate craftsman, a creator who followed his heart to transform a passion into reality. In my small workshop, each necklace and each pen are handcrafted with care and devotion. I like to think that each piece I create is not just an object, but a traveling companion for those, like me, who dream big.

My reason for doing so.

For me, each creation is an invitation to move forward and realize your dreams. Whether it's through a necklace that can serve as a marker or a pen that helps you trace your own legend, my goal is to offer you tools that remind you and guide you on the path you have chosen.

My work

I manage all aspects of this business alone. This goes from product design to communicating with you, my dear customers, via my TikTok and Instagram accounts. These platforms are windows open to my world, where I share behind the scenes of my creation and where I connect with a community that shares the same values ​​of authenticity and the pursuit of one's dreams.

I also use my products daily.