What are Polychromes?

It was in a small workshop that the vials of polychrome elixir were born, capable of helping anyone to embody the best version of themselves, they were hidden by the elite and called by false names for fear of their power for a long time. But it was in a remote castle that a man of unparalleled lucidity came into contact with a vial of elixir of clairvoyance and understood the power of these mystical accessories...

Find out which one embodies what drives you.

About Polychrome

Philosophy of the collection

In a world where everyone is looking for their own path, Polychrome necklaces serve as tangible reminders and supports in the quest for your personal identity and your life path. Each piece is imbued with a specific intention – whether it be passion, adventure, freedom, joy, resilience, clarity, or creativity – providing personalized support for each wearer.

Ethics and manufacturing

Each necklace from the Polychrome collection is handcrafted with care and dedication in my workshop in France. As an artisan, I work alone, ensuring each piece is created with personal attention and a commitment to excellence. Using high quality materials like French walnut wood and stainless steel, I ensure that each necklace is not only beautiful but durable and comfortable. This artisanal approach reflects a deep respect for traditional techniques and supports the values ​​of sustainability and authenticity.

Porter Polychrome

Wearing a Polychrome necklace means choosing to wear a piece of your personal history. Each necklace is an affirmation of who you are and what you aspire to become. Whether you are looking for strength to overcome challenges, clarity in your decisions, or simply a source of daily inspiration, there is an "Elixir" for everyone.

For you ?

This collection is for everyone who is looking for authenticity and ways to express their individuality. Perfect for meaningful gifts, each necklace is a stylish and personal way to show your support and understanding of your loved ones' aspirations.

Handmade design of necklaces