Tournage d'une assiette en bois

From beginner turner to fulfilled enthusiast

Since I was little, I have always loved tinkering and working with wood. At barely three years old, I could already be found with a screwdriver in my hand trying to dismantle all the tables in school. This passion followed me over time and I never stopped creating all kinds of things growing up.

A turning point came when I discovered the wood lathe. My father, a true DIY genius, managed to make one with a simple water pump motor. This is how I dove headlong into the fascinating world of woodturning.

My beginnings were not glorious. I made all kinds of mistakes: I crashed the tools and got jerked, the lathe stalled due to lack of power, I used the tools inappropriately, and many other mistakes that all taught me little gradually using the machine. Moreover, my modest lathe did not even allow the use of a chuck while I dreamed of turning bowls, plates and vases. Yet, despite these obstacles, I felt immense pleasure in every moment spent in front of my workbench.

Over time, I realized that I needed to invest in a higher performance lathe. This is how I decided to embark on the adventure by creating my micro-enterprise. That's when I bought a band saw, a new lathe, a sharpener and various tools essential to this activity.

I watch a few rudimentary tutorials on safety and the basics of using tools and then off I go, I jump in. I learn while self-taught, analyzing all my mistakes to learn from them and progress in my practice. Every misstep was a lesson, every failure a learning opportunity.

Today, several years have passed since my humble beginnings in woodturning. Through my unwavering passion and determination, I have developed strong skills in this field. Each piece I create is the result of my experience and my love for woodworking. My journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion in achieving your dreams. And for me, this adventure has only just begun.

The creation of this blog is a new way for me to share this passion in more depth than on social networks, it will allow me to develop certain subjects in more depth, to share them with those interested but also to introspect which will allow me, I am sure, to move to new levels of skills.

Thanks to those who read me, and see you soon.

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