"Essence of the soul" - The necklace that suits you

The result of an encounter between nature, art and spirituality, the “Essence of the Soul” collection, a series of unique artisanal necklaces combining the richness of French Walnut wood with the poetic translucency of epoxy resin.

Each necklace is carefully crafted from a plank of raw walnut, carefully selected for its quality and natural beauty. The wood is delicately wrapped in epoxy resin, creating a harmonious duo between the earthly strength of the wood and the luminous fluidity of the resin. The complexity of the process, from wood selection to ultra-fine sanding, reveals a dedication to artisan perfection and authenticity.

But that's not all. The collection transcends simple aesthetics to touch the soul. Each resin color has been meticulously chosen to evoke a distinct emotion or character trait, providing a deeper dimension to each piece. Whether it is the purity of transparent, the mystery of black or the fiery passion of red, each necklace is an invitation to self-discovery and inner reflection.

Ultimately, this collection is not just a set of jewelry, but a celebration of life itself. It is a reflection of the complex beauty of our existence, a bridge between earth and spirit, between the artisan and the soul. Each necklace in the “Essence of the Soul” collection is an ode to beauty, passion, and the inner quest.

Wear them as an affirmation of your own journey, a compass for your soul, and a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

Artisanal Process of Creating the Necklace in Walnut Wood and Epoxy Resin:

The process of creating a necklace from this collection requires at least 3 weeks of work with the following steps:

  1. Rigorous Selection : Each necklace begins with a large plank of raw walnut, carefully chosen for its quality.
  2. Edging : The board is cut into several distinct pieces, which will serve as the basis for the collar.
  3. Formwork : Each piece is surrounded by a formwork specially prepared to accommodate the epoxy resin.
  4. Resin Pouring : An epoxy resin is prepared and poured, encasing the wood. The mixture is left to dry, allowing the resin to harden.
  5. Demolding and Cutting : Once the resin has hardened, each piece is demolded and cut at a 45° angle to reveal the combined beauty of wood and resin.
  6. Delicate Sanding : Each piece is carefully edged and sanded, transformed into a perfect rectangle.
  7. Turning : With the wood lathe, each rectangle is delicately rounded, taking care not to damage the resin.
  8. Meticulous Polishing : Meticulous sanding begins with 220 grit and ends with 5000 grit, ensuring a smooth, flawless surface.
  9. Glossy Finish : Multiple coats of cyanoacrylate are applied, followed by ultra-fine sanding from 8000 to 120000, giving each necklace a unique shine.
  10. Finishing Wax : Finally, a coat of wax is applied, increasing the shine of the necklace and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood and resin.