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The Faithful - Royal ebony from Laos

The Faithful - Royal ebony from Laos

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The importance of writing your personal caption cannot be underestimated, you don't just capture moments; You are building your legacy.

With Le Fidèle , this task not only becomes possible, but it becomes a ritual.

It's not just a writing tool, it's a facilitator of dreams, a mirror to your soul and a creator of legends. Take it with you everywhere, and when you're ready to tell your story, The Faithful will be there to inscribe every word with precision and elegance. Create your personal legend: write it.

Features :

  • Ethics : Handmade in France by me.
  • Materials: Rare royal ebony wood from Laos, 24-carat gold plated.
  • Ink: Interchangeable cartridge.
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