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~ No longer seek lucidity, embody it.

With the Polychrome “Le Clairvoyant” handmade necklace, every day is an opportunity to live with authenticity and precision. Wear it as a constant reminder to seek the truth and live a life free from pretense.

Perfect Gift: Give this elixir of clarity to someone who is seeking direction or who appreciates truth and transparency in all its forms. It’s a gift that says, “I support your quest for clarity and truth.”

Benefits of the Elixir of Clarity:

  • Improved Decision Making: This necklace is designed to sharpen your mind and improve your ability to make informed and wise decisions.
  • Clearing Confusion: It helps clear confusion and overcome periods of doubt, allowing you to maintain a clear focus on your goals.
  • Strengthening communication: Wearing this elixir encourages you to communicate more transparently and effectively, both in your personal and professional life.

How to use your Clarity Elixir? Wear the Clear Necklace in situations where clarity of thought is crucial, such as during important meetings, planning sessions, or when faced with meaningful choices. Let it remind you to stay true to your most lucid and authentic vision.

Features :

  • Ethics : Handmade necklace in France by me. A true artisanal piece of jewelry.
  • Materials: French Walnut Wood
  • Chain: Stainless steel, 45cm (a leather cord is also included)

Ideal for :

• Professionals and students who require increased mental clarity for their studies or projects.

• Anyone navigating complex periods or transitions requiring clear vision and sound judgment.

• Those who value integrity and truth in all aspects of their lives.

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Completely handmade

All my creations are entirely handmade by myself. This means that stocks are limited to small quantities.

For full transparency, I show you in this video the design of the necklaces