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~ They brandished the sword, embodies the shield.

With the Polychrome “Le Résilient” handmade necklace, wear your invisible armor. Every day, this necklace reminds you that nothing can bring you down and that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and strengthen.

Perfect gift:

Give this elixir of resilience to someone who has recently overcome difficulties or is currently struggling with challenges. It’s a powerful testament to your support of their strength and ability to recover.

Ideal for :

• Those going through periods of transition or recovery, needing a symbol of their resilience.

Professionals and students who face constant challenges and seek to maintain their strength.

• Anyone who admires robustness and perseverance as essential qualities of life.

How to use your Elixir of Resilience?

Wear the Black Necklace during your daily challenges, during important meetings, or in moments when you need to be reminded of your strength. This elixir is a constant companion that supports your courage and tenacity.

Features :

  • Ethics : Handmade necklace in France by me. A true artisanal piece of jewelry.
  • Materials: French Walnut wood, epoxy resin
  • Chain: Stainless steel, 45cm (a leather cord is also included)

Benefits of the Elixir of Resilience:

  • Inner Strengthening: This necklace is designed to strengthen your spirit, increasing your endurance and ability to persevere in the face of adversities.
  • Emotional Stability: It helps maintain emotional constancy, essential for navigating times of stress and change.
  • Increased Confidence: By wearing this elixir, you will be reminded of your past successes and your ability to overcome obstacles, which will boost your self-confidence in difficult times.
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Completely handmade

All my creations are entirely handmade by myself. This means that stocks are limited to small quantities.

For full transparency, I show you in this video the design of the necklaces