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~No longer admire the beauty of the sun, embody it.

Take a piece of sunshine with you everywhere with the Polychrome “Le Rayonnant” necklace. Wear it and feel the increase in your positive energy, ready to savor each day with a joyful and open mind. Each moment worn with this Polychrome can transform everyday life, making it a celebration of life and its many pleasures .

Perfect Gift: Give this elixir of joy to those who have a positive impact in your life or to those who could use an extra ray of sunshine. It’s a gift that says, “Your joy enriches the world.” An ideal present for birthdays, special celebrations, or simply as a gesture to brighten someone's day.

Ideal for :

• Those looking for a boost of energy and vitality in their daily lives.

• Individuals going through periods of transition or challenges, who could benefit from a reminder of the beauty of life.

Friends and family who would benefit from a bright reminder of joy and optimism.

How to use your Solar Elixir? Wear the Yellow Necklace on festive occasions, in your daily encounters, or even on days requiring a little moral boost. Let it remind you to smile, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. This necklace is a real antidote to gray days, a good mood booster to wear at all times.

Features :

  • Ethics: Handmade necklace in France by me. A true artisanal piece of jewelry.
  • Materials: French Walnut Wood
  • Chain: Stainless steel, 45cm (a leather cord is also included)

Benefits of the Solar Elixir:

  • Energy Boost: This necklace is designed to boost your daily energy, helping you stay active and engaged in your projects and passions.
  • Happiness Amplification: This necklace is designed to elevate your mood and increase your overall well-being, reminding you of the simple pleasures in life.
  • Emotional Resilience: Helps maintain an optimistic spirit even during difficult times, strengthening your ability to bounce back from challenges.
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Completely handmade

All my creations are entirely handmade by myself. This means that stocks are limited to small quantities.

For full transparency, I show you in this video the design of the necklaces