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~ Stop imagining your plans, embody them.

With the Polychrome “The Creative” artisanal necklace, embrace the transformative power of art and creativity. Wear it as a talisman that reminds you of the constant presence of inspiration around you, ready to be captured and expressed.

Perfect gift:

Gift this elixir of inspiration to a creative friend or loved one who could use some extra support in their creative explorations. It’s a meaningful way to recognize and nurture their talent, and tell them “I believe in you.”

Ideal for :

• Artists, writers, musicians and any creator looking to rekindle their artistic flame.

• Students and professionals in creative fields who need to regularly stimulate their imagination.

• Anyone interested in personal development through art and creativity.

How to use your Elixir of Inspiration?

Wear the Purple Necklace during your creative work sessions, when meditating on new ideas or even during relaxing activities where you let your mind wander. Let this necklace be the catalyst for unexpected moments of inspiration.

Features :

  • Ethics : Handmade necklace in France by me. A true artisanal piece of jewelry.
  • Materials: French Walnut wood, epoxy resin
  • Chain: Stainless steel, 45cm (a leather cord is also included)

Benefits of the Elixir of Inspiration:

  • Stimulates creative thinking: This necklace is designed to awaken your creativity, pushing you to explore new perspectives and consider limitless possibilities.
  • Strengthening intuition: It helps sharpen your intuition, allowing you to more easily capture the subtle inspirations around you.
  • Increased artistic motivation: By wearing this elixir, you will feel invigorated and ready to take on creative projects with new impetus.
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Completely handmade

All my creations are entirely handmade by myself. This means that stocks are limited to small quantities.

For full transparency, I show you in this video the design of the necklaces